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The Good News of Jesus

In today’s world, many are confused and do not know what to hope in. Our world has told us to put our faith and hope in ourselves and our inner being. COVID-19 reminds us that our own power and inner being are so weak. The vanity of our own power becomes apparent when a microbe, a small microscopic particle, can shut down an entire nation and world. The answer to our weakness is not found by finding more of man’s

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Just Hold His Hand

Last night, I put number 3 and 4 to bed. I snuggled with number 4 and then went to lay down with number 3, and he asked to hold my hand while he went to sleep. And of course, I did. Parenting 101 – How not to… Let me give you a little snapshot into the failings of Hannah and me as parents. We will not win any parenting award when it comes to sleep training nor will we be

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