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Holy Vessels – How do you live your life?

The World’s Party King Belshazzar’s party is nothing less than a drunken brothel. He hosts this party to celebrate his power, might, security and greatness. As we said earlier, a Babylonian heart fuels action. Belshazzar follows a long line of pagan hearts, and he lives for his excellence. He does what he wants, when he wants, without any concern for the things of God. Toasting Idols As if his sin is not egregious enough, he then calls for the Temple’s

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The Babylonian Heart Produces a Babylonian Life

Our Babylonian World Our world today resembles historical Babylon where value is measured by earthly treasures: physical beauty, wealth, power, and success. We live in a time when many follow the mantra of Babylon, “I am and there is no one beside me” Isaiah 47:10. We face a constant battle between the things of the world and the things of God. Daniel 4 and 5 What we have found in Scripture is a Babylonian heart also produces a Babylonian mind.

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The Good News of Jesus

In today’s world, many are confused and do not know what to hope in. Our world has told us to put our faith and hope in ourselves and our inner being. COVID-19 reminds us that our own power and inner being are so weak. The vanity of our own power becomes apparent when a microbe, a small microscopic particle, can shut down an entire nation and world. The answer to our weakness is not found by finding more of man’s

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