John 17

The High Priestly Prayer

I. ____________________ is to receive all glory and honor.

a. How was this accomplished through Christ?

b. What makes Jesus Christ worthy for the task?

II. ____________________ manifests the Father to the world.

a. Because of this manifestation, the world receives the
Word of God.

i. Why is the Word of God so important?

III. Christ prays for ________________________________________.
a. Christ is glorified in _____________________.

b. God is glorified in ______________________.

c. Where is Christ going?

d. What does Christ ask the Father about concerning His

e. How is this relevant today and with recent events?

IV. Those who are Christ’s will be ______________________ by the Word of God.

a. What does it mean to be sanctified?

b. How does God’s Word sanctify?

V. Just as Christ was sent to the world by God, now Christ sends _________________ into the world to manifest the Father. 

a. How does this work?

VI. This is not just for the disciples but all who will be ________________________.
a. “They may all be __________, just as you Father, are in
me, and I in you, that they may also be in us, so that
the world may ___________________.

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