Psalm 23 – He restores my soul – Too Comfortable Once a sheep is cast down, he cannot return to his feet without the help of the shepherd. To understand what it means to be cast down, please read previous post. Over and over Scripture compares us to sheep. For example, Isaiah 53:6 – We all like sheep…If we are like sheep, it is wise to see how! Let’s have a chat to see how a sheep becomes cast down.

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Sheep Are Defenseless – The Shepherd Defends Let’s talk sheep! We learned sheep are dumb and dirty (what a great pair). Now, we look at sheep’s ability to defend themselves. It is another sad piece of information; sheep are defenseless. Defense Mechanisms Most animals have a defensive arsenal they can use when predators approach. Let’s look at a few examples that are well known to us. Dogs bark, scratch and bite. Cats hiss, arch and claw. Snakes coil, maybe rattle,

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Songs of Preparation – Never Enough Our journey continues with abnormal songs at Easter. The song “Never Enough” is from the movie The Greatest Showman. Obviously, the songwriter intends for this song to describe a budding relationship between Jenny Lind and PT Barnum. “Never Enough” unfolds a storyline that shows nothing in this world will ever be enough if I do not have you. The intended meaning is great for the film, but every time I listen to this song

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