Songs of Preparation – Never Enough

Our journey continues with abnormal songs at Easter. The song “Never Enough” is from the movie The Greatest Showman. Obviously, the songwriter intends for this song to describe a budding relationship between Jenny Lind and PT Barnum. “Never Enough” unfolds a storyline that shows nothing in this world will ever be enough if I do not have you. The intended meaning is great for the film, but every time I listen to this song I hear the GOSPEL being shouted! (This is why it is my favorite song on the album.) I have attached the song and the lyrics are on the video.

Let me explain why I hear the GOSPEL…

According to the world’s philosophy, there is something we can do in our own power to achieve satisfaction. The world has obviously not read Psalm 23 J! The world lies to us. Even our best efforts will fall short. The only way to be satisfied is for us to fulfill our given purpose. Since we are created in the image of God, our purpose is to glorify Him and enjoy Him forever. The problem is many do not live out the purpose for which they were created. The reason – SIN. Sin separates us from our Creator in whose image we are made. No matter what sell’s pitch the world gives us, it will NEVER be ENOUGH. In fact, nothing we do in our own strength will ever be enough. This life and world will pass away and all the offerings it has will NEVER be ENOUGH. The shine of a thousand spotlights, the stars in the night sky, towers of gold and our own hands are NEVER ENOUGH.

The GOSPEL – Forever Enough

Thankfully, the Gospel comes to our rescue. The GOSPEL is the only thing that will ever be enough. Only through the Gospel is our sin dealt with. The Gospel brings us back to a right relationship with God so we fulfill our PURPOSE – glorify Him! The Gospel reminds us this is not a work we have done (Ephesians 2:8-9). Christ does it for us. It is Christ’s sinlessness. It is Christ’s righteousness. It is Christ who makes us ENOUGH. What must we do – believe and trust in Jesus Christ – the One who is FOREVER ENOUGH!

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