John 12

The Celebration of Jesus Sometimes I think we read Scripture in such short segments, we fail to see how it all connects together. When we pick up in John 12, Jesus is back in Bethany 6 days before Passover. Bethany sits 2 miles outside of Jerusalem where many travel to celebrate Passover. Jesus is invited to a meal in the home of Simon the leper, probably one who was healed by Jesus. Simon enlists Martha (who we have seen before)

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John 11

God’s Timing… God’s timing is always right. This is true in your life, in my life and in the life of everyone who has ever lived. It is a divine appointment when Jesus chooses the family of Mary, Martha and Lazarus to display His sovereignty and power. Let’s see how John 11 unfolds… The Death of Lazarus First, the family knows where they should go when they are desperate. They send a messenger to Jesus. There is no question in

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John 4

Who are the Samaritans? In John 4, Jesus travels from Judaea to Galilee and ventures through Samaria. Jesus’ journey is astonishing because Jews would never travel through Samaria. Even when they most direct path to a place would take them through Samaria, they would go around it. The Samaritans occupied the area of Israel that was given to Ephraim and the half-tribe of Manasseh. And the question must be raised, why did the Jewish people despise the Samaritans so much?

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